Science and nature for the health and beauty of the skin

When examining the skin, like any other organ, one must think of a system in which innumerable biochemical reactions take place, which through a continuous transformation of matter ensure the life of cells and tissues.

In normal conditions, all these reactions are in dynamic equilibrium with each other, however, in the presence of particular situations the balance can be lacking, causing an imbalance that can be reflected on the skin in different ways such as changes in pH, changes in content water, changes in the composition of the hydrolipidic film.

Within certain limits our body is able to restore normal physiological conditions, otherwise the imbalances can evolve further, causing the appearance of some imperfections.

We at Kamilica have always set ourselves the goal of creating functional phyto-cosmetic preparations capable of restoring normal skin balance, preventing or counteracting the onset of any blemishes.

Phyto-cosmetics: the specific functional properties.

Astringent: proper action of substances capable of temporarily restricting the size of the pores and skin follicles. It is characteristic of plants rich in tannins and saponins such as hamamelis and ruscus.

Soothing: calming and softening action which consists in the ability to relieve an inflammatory skin condition, characteristic of plants rich in azulens, flavonoids, mucilages. Examples are chamomile, calendula, orange blossom, aloe.

Purifying: function strictly linked to the presence of polyphenols traceable in various plants such as lemon, bergamot, orange, lavender, rosemary, thyme. It is a useful action especially in the case of impure and comedonic skin, that is, affected by an accumulation of keratin and lipids (blackheads).

Tonic-stimulant: specific action of plants containing essential oils and phytosterols, such as arnica, rosemary, sage.

Refreshing: function aimed at providing relief. It is characteristic of plants containing essential oils such as mint, lemon balm, linden, hawthorn and bitter orange.

Anti-wrinkle and elasticizing: action carried out by extracts containing phytohormones and saponins, useful for reducing wrinkles and making the skin more elastic and smoother, such as those of centella and red grapes.

Epithelizing-keratoplasty: action that promotes keratinization. It is a characteristic of plants containing allantoin, flavonoids, triterpene acids, such as centella asiatica, red grapes, blueberries.

Anti-redness: a function that depends on triterpene and steroid saponins and which is carried out by butcher’s broom, blueberry and witch hazel.

Lightening: activity carried out for example from lemon extract.

Anti-cellulite: action that can be linked to the possibility of reducing an edematous state. It is a characteristic of saponins present in ivy and horse chestnut.