Red vine stem cells (vitis vinifera meristem cells) are obtained from the buds, roots or berries of the plant.

Rich in phytohormones and polyphenols, they are powerful natural antioxidants.

They contain a considerable percentage of EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) substances, very similar to human ones, responsible for tissue regrowth and trophism.

Substances that plant stem cells are able to transfer to the skin even after being extracted, purified and inserted into the cosmetic formulation.

They therefore play a fundamental role in contrasting free radicals, responsible for skin aging and protection of the microcirculation.

In our preparations they have the fundamental role of enhancing the moisturizing, revitalizing, protective and toning functions of all the phyto-active ingredients present.

You can find them in STAMINAL HYDRASKIN anti-aging face cream, in BLUE JEM face cream for sensitive skin, in RIGENERA revitalizing body cream and in K FOR MEN multi-active face cream.